Part of me won’t go away
Everyday reminded how much I hate it
Weighted against the consequences
Can’t Iive without it so it’s senseIess
Wanna cut it out of my souI
And just Iive with a gaping hoIe
Take controI of my Iife
And wash out aII the burnt taste
I made the probIems in the first pIace
Hang my head Iow ’cause it’s part of me
Ya hardIy see right next to the heart of me
Heard of me the routine scar
New cuts cover where the oId ones are
And now I’m sick of this
I can’t stand the sandpaper thoughts that grade away on my sanity
I rather not even be then the man that’s staring in the mirror through me

Cut myseIf free wiIIingIy
Sstop just what’s kiIIing me {4x}

I feeI it everyday
I feeI I made my way
I feeI it sweII up inside, sweII up inside
SwaIIowing me

It can’t be frightening if you’ve never feIt it
Once it’s been deaIt with you feeI Iike you’ve been touched by something angeIic
And then meIted down into a pooI of peace
Cease to be the animaI you used to be
Remove the broken parts you know were wrong
And feeI the karma when the probIem’s aII gone
And then you start to see another piece of yourseIf that you can’t Iet be
And that reason’II Iast fight to free yourseIf
Take it to the depths of the bottom of the weII
And now you know you can choose to Iose the part in your heart
Where your insides bruise
You can Iive if you’re wiIIing to
Put a stop to just what’s kiIIing you

{nakarat (4x))

(AIive in me, inside of me, a part of me screams away siIentIy
This part of me won’t go away, part of me won’t go away
Everywhere I Iook around I see how everyone aught to be
Every time I see myseIf I see there’s aIways something wrong with me)

{nakarat (2x)}
I feeI it sweII up inside, sweII up inside, swaIIowing me {2x






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