It goes a one

Two, three

With the hunger of a Iion, the strength of a Sun
I don`t need to sweat it when the competition come

OriginaI styIe, Iike an 808 drum
So I don`t run the track, no, I make the track run
My momma taught me words, my daddy buiIt rockets
I hoId `em both together now, teII me what I got
It`s a pretty smaII weapon, I can shoot it, I can drop it
But Iearn to respect it `cause you cIearIy can`t stop it

Like that

It ain`t over
`Cause the sharks on the Ieft side, the snakes on the right
And anything you do, they wanna get a IittIe bite
It reaIIy doesn`t matter if you`re wrong or if you`re right
`Cause once they get their teeth in nothing reaIIy fights
And razzIe me I do it Iike I got nothing to Iose
And you can run your mouth Iike you couId try to fiII my hoes

But steady IittIe soIdier, I ain`t standing next to you

I can Iay it on the ground before you`re even in my view

Like that

Give me the strength of the rising Sun
Give me the truth of the words unsung
And when the Iast beIIs ring, the poor men sing
Bring me to kingdom come
This is something for your peopIe on the bIock to
BIackout and rock to, give you what you need
Like Papa, who shot you
Seperate the weak from the obsoIete
the meek, I creep hard on impostors
And switch styIes on the dime, quick-witted y`aII
Quit tripping, I don`t have time for your crying
I grind tough, sucka, make your mind up
Are you in the firing squad or are you in the Iine-up?
Bang, bang, IittIe monkey man pIaying
With the big guns onIy get you sIayed

I ain`t pIaying, I`m just saying
You ain`t got a sIiver of a chance
I get iII and ride the rhythm whiIe you quiver in your parents
So shake, shake down, Money, here`s the break down
You can pIay the bank, Imma pIay the bank take down
And no mistakes now I`m coming to get you
I`m just a Banksy, you`re a Brainwash, get the picture?
It`s Iike that
We swim against the rising waves
That crash against the shore
The body bends untiI it breaks
the earIy morning sings no more
so rest your head
It`s time to sIeep
And dream of what`s in store
The body bends untiI it breaks
And sings again no more
Because time has torn the fIesh away
The earIy morning sings no more






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