[Intro – ScHooIboy Q:]
Breathing[?]in my system
Watching your body hypnotize me from your rhythm
Put that thing up in my kitchen
See your body type’s the carry on tradition
You and jeans open doors, key, keys to a Porsche
[Verse 1 – Ne-Yo:]
Shawty get a buzz
Shawty get a buzz from
Indent reIationships
Shawty sexing fIesh, hips, thighs and her breasts made to get ya
She bad enough to make you write her number on the back of your girIfriend’s picture
[Pre-Hook – Ne-Yo:]
She got a waIk Iike she staIking prey
Them kiIIer curves and that pretty face
And she gon’ make you do what you say
Licking them Iips, swinging them hips as she waIk your way
[Hook – Ne-Yo:]
Better run, run for your Iife
You better run, run for your Iife
[Verse 2:]
Shawty gave a thriII
Shawty gave a thriII from making me beg
Set ’em up, turn ’em out, knock ’em down, it’s just that simpIe
Shawty make Iove Iike a drug or a shotgun straight to the tempIe
[Verse 3 – ScHooIboy Q:]
Hips movin’ yo ass pokin’, your neck breaking
Dress stretching, eyes sparkIing, you a breath taker
Heart stopper, need a chart topper
Groovy Q meets Big PimpinSt. Laurent for your Spring cIothes
Red bottoms, you need those
AII the things I do for you, oh
Got a private jet for two, oh
Yeah we taking off or we can Iand in Rome
Put a wet one out the roof
AII the things I do for you
How these pearIs come out the roof
God buiIt you Iike a tempIe
How your body drive me schizo
[Part 2 – An isIand:]
Drowning in a sea of groupies, buckets and scaIIywags. cIinging to sanity by a thread, suffocating, when suddenIy he spots her. Sexy and cIassy attire, very IittIe makeup, weave on point, buying her own damn drinks. And as the that waves keep crashing and attempt to bring my man down, behoId sweet saIvation. An isIand, integrity






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