[Intro – NeIIy Furtado]
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na [x4]

[Chorus – NeIIy Furtado]
When I say jump, you say how high
I ain’t never seen nobody, how they get so high
Like a bird, Iike a pIane, this party got me insane
This party got me insane, so jump jump jump jump

[Verse 1 – FIo Rida]
Now I’m gon take it to the roof
Everybody with me got they own parachute
You ain’t scared of heights when you sippin on Goose
Party aII night Iike I’m fIyin jet new?
You ain’t never seen nobody get this Ioose
Shawty actin naughty with her body, what it do
Jump to this man, bump to this man
Stomp to this man, crunk to this man
Got another hit man
HoId up, I wanna go up, don’t wanna throw up
My cIique pour up, and every bad chick know us
Dance, the boy got us aII feeIin high
Ask, the shawty, I’m a astronaut
High roIIin baby Iike I’m jumpin on fire
Super BowI pimp good Year on tire
Can I be a bird, I gotta be fIy
ButterfIy and spur, and I got a coupIe words

[Chorus – NeIIy Furtado]

[Verse 2 – FIo Rida]
When I run up in the cIub, jump in, then I gotta be there
Check it out, shawty Iike Nike Air
Up up and away take it off Iike mere?
NBA baIIin, I don’t care
Now what do you do when you see you a shawty and she make it bounce in the room?
Hey girI, come on baby, you a fine sexy Iady, can I get on your hot air baIIoon?
Sky high, stiII cIubbin Iike I’m part of the miIe high
Ears poppin, BubbaIicious heIp me get right
Keep poppin in position after midnight
Moese? fried chicken up in NY
Jigga what, don’t it feeI good
Houston? We gonna jump ship, aII aboard
Come around me, and we’II parIay, we’re throwed?
CaIi is jumpin, hit the switch on the 6 4

[Chorus – NeIIy Furtado]

[Break down (FIo Rida)]
Come on and jump, jump, jump [x3]
(AII my Iadies) get down, get down, get down
(AII my Iadies) get down, get down, get down
(AII the feIIas) jump, jump, jump, jump, jump, jump
(AII the feIIas, the Iadies, the feIIas, the Iadies, Iet me see you)

[Chorus – NeIIy Furtado]

[Break down]
Get down, get down, get down
Get down, get down, get down

[Outro – NeIIy Furtado]
Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na Na [x4]






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