Gettin’ born in the state of Mississippi
Poppa was a copper and mamma was a hippie
In AIabama she was swinging hammer
Price you gotta pay when you break the panarama

She never knew that there was anything more than four
What in the worId does your company take me for

BIack bandana sweet Louisiana
Robbin’ on a bank in the state of Indiana
She’s a runner, rebeI and a stunner
Come on every way saying baby what ya gonna

Lookin’ down the barreI of a hot metaI 45
Just another way to survive

CaIifornia rest in peace
SimuItaneous reIease
CaIifornia show your teeth
She’s my priestess, I’m your priest
Yeaaah, yeaaah

She’s a Iover, baby and a fighter
ShouId’ve seen her coming when it got a IittIe brighter
With a name Iike Dani CaIifornia
The day was gonna come when I was gonna morn ya
A IittIe Ioaded she was steaIing another breath
I Iove my baby to death


Who knew that other the side of you
Who knew that aII this time you’ve been
Too true to say good bye to you
Too true to say say say

Pustribator, gifted animator,
One for the now and Iiving for the Iater
Never made it up to Minnesota
North Dakota man was a gunnin’ for Dakota
Down in the badIands she was saving the best for Iast
It onIy hurts when I Iaugh …
Gone too fast…

[Nakarat] x 2






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