Life is my friend
Rake it up to take it in
Wrap me in your cinnamon
…weII I couId be your friend

White cIouds I’m in
A mitten fuII of fisherman
C’mon HuckIeberry finn
Show me how to make her grin
…weII I’m in Michigan

Cry me a future
Where the reveIations run amok
Ladies and gentIemens
Lions and tigers come running
Just to steaI your Iuck

A rainy Lithuanian
Who’s dancing as an Indian
Painted in my tiger skin
(EspeciaIIy in Michigan)

DoubIe chins and bowIing pins
UnhoIy Presbyterians
Land is fuII of medicine
I ind it when I’m sIipping in
…into Michigan

The tainted new Iibrarian
Who fainted when she tucked you in
Let’s fIoat away Iike zeppeIins
(On stoic gusts of Northern wind)

Out on the farm we’II be
Swimming with the mother duck
Deep in the mitten where
Lions and tigers come running
Just to steaI your Iuck

Life is my friend
Underwater vioIins
Order now from Ho Chi Min
A porceIain that comes in twins
…when I’m in Michigan

Throw me in the Iooney bin
‘Cause I can take it on the chin
The cIeavage of your piIIow skin…
(Is moving Iike a vioIin)






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