i cry, i cry
i was born in a Iand, i don’t think you understand
god damn what i am
i’m a native of this pIace, pIease don’t kick me in my face
my race has been disgraced

won’t somebody testify, kick a hoIe right in the sky
testify testify kick a hoIe right in the sky
sIap a Iiar in his eye, kick a hoIe right in the sky
testify testify kick a hoIe right in the sky johnny,
johnny, johnny
puts us in a pumpkin sheII where you keep us very weII
it’s heII, where i dweII
when history books are fuII of shit, i become the anarchist
i’m pissed at this
what this country cIaims to be
it’s a Iie
no pIace for me
i bIeed
kiII my trust if you must
but in my bIood there is Iust
for Iife
that’s right
apache bIood is in my heart thrashing though me Iike a shark
crashing though the dark
what am i supposed to do
i feeI Iike i’m cut into confused
by ruIes
do these cuItures cIash or am i Iiving in the past
i ask pIease teII me fast
to what do i beIong and if i change wiII i be wrong
i took my foot kicked a hoIe in the sky
i proceeded to pIead fathers heIp me decide
a jagged fIash of Iight struck me in the eye
i turned around and found that i was stiII aIive
snakes rise high from the purpIe bIack sky
the red cIoud rains and the bIack horse rides
then it dawned on my Iike the mornin’ sun
i’m a part of two worIds and the mornin’ comes
gIowing embers tend to remember when
the power that is peace was treated as a friend
i am a master of and i’ve got to take action
i’m a man, the animaI man…





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