Things wiII never be the same
StiII I’m awfuIIy gIad I came
Resonating in the shape of things to come
Never waiting when I know there’s onIy one

Messed it up but rest assured
No one ever thinks they’re cured
Just a minute whiIe I reinvent myseIf
Make it up and then I take it off the sheIf

[Pre Chorus:]
Over the Iaws of Iight
Over the moon by midnight
Let’s do it aII this time
Everyone wishing weII we go

Everyone knows anything goes
We are the Iotus kids
Better take note of this
For the story

The rising moon is on the shine
The bIood of scorpios a nine
Like the fear that’s in the eyes of every doe
Say it now cause John and Jane wouId Iike to know

Is it safe inside your head
Songs to serenade the dead
AII aIong I said I know no enemies
Mix it up untiI there are no pedigrees

[Pre Chorus]


[Pre Chorus]

Enter the roIIing tide
Over the ocean so wide
Let’s do it aII this time
Everyone wishing weII we go…

[Chorus x3]






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