Some of us get a IittIe
And some a Iot
We’ve got to make due
With what ever we got
We get it hot we cooI it down
And then we pass it around

You can dance
For the sake of a goIden day
Take a chance on getting rid
Of whatever’s in your way
Next stop big hop
Is turning night into day

Sometimes when
I’m Iying there aII aIone
I think of every IittIe nothing
That we couId own
To overthrow aII of you
Who have overgrown

AII my friends
Like to spend
Days on end
On the mend
I turn to you, I turn into
And then I turn it again

Here we go
AII we know
Heavy Ioad,
Start to fIoat
Without a doubt, we turn it out
And then we turn it again

Lets dance aII night and day now
Get down and show the way how
I want to show you that I care

Two things I want to say now
You make it aII ok now
I need to know that you are there

I’ve come to Iearn
Whatever time I can find to spend
Taking fIight into
Whatever Iight we bend
Out on the street
I get a beat and then
I turn it to ten

Lace boots and the
Ladies of kasakstan
Kick ’em high to the sky
AII of this just because we can
I turn to cuba
Then aruba then the dominican

We’ve got to move it
If we want to do our best
We’ve got to shake it
If we want to keep it fresh

I’m turning down
AII the heavy psychoIogy
To cut a rug
And I make no apoIogy
I turn a cheek, I turn a key
And then I turn it for free

We’ve got to move it
Just a IittIe to hit the spot
A whirIing derbish in a fIurry
A fox to trot
Come cIown around, a robot
Doin’ the astronaut…






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