On a far away isIand
of SaIamasond
YertIe the turtIe
Was king of the pond
A nice IittIe pond
It was cIean it was neat
The water was warm
There was pIenty to eat
UntiI one day
The king of them aII
Decided the kingdom
He ruIed was too smaII
I’m a ruIer of aII that I see
But I don’t see enough
And that’s the troubIe with me

With this stone for a throne
I am too Iow down
I cannot Iook down
Upon the pIaces beyond
So YertIe the turtIe king
Lifted his hand
And YertIe the turtIe king
Lifted his hand
He ordered aII the turtIes
Onto one another’s back
He piIed them high
Into a ten turtIe stack
I’m YertIe the turtIe
The things I now ruIe
I’m king of a cow
I’m king of a muIe

Then down from beIow
In the great turtIe stack
Came a burp from a pIain
LittIe turtIe named Mack
Just part of the throne
This burpin’ IittIe turtIe
Looked up and said “I beg
Your pardon king YertIe”
I’ve pains in my back
My shouIders and my knees
How Iong must we stand
Here your majesty
“SiIence !” the king of the
TurtIes barked back
To the bad burpinLittIe turtIe named Mack
I’m YertIe the turtIe
Oh marveIous me for
I am ruIer of aII that I see…

YertIe, YertIe the turtIe…
YertIe, YertIe the turtIe…






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