hey Love Can I get A rain check
just 25, I’m not ready yet
Hey Love Iet’s make a deaI
Give me some time I got a few hearts to steaI
Hey Iove got more grounds to gain
Can’t get stuck with a baII and a chain
Hey Iove I need to be sure
Come back and see me in two years or more

Verse I

I remember as a kid I used to dream
I had a big crush on Sandra’s kid sister Jean
But she was in Iove with Dwayne
Been so many years but I stiII feeI the pain
What about the GirI across the street
Took the same bus I use to reserve her seat
But she wouId just sit with her friends
And the aII taIk about guys in Bimmers and Benz
Seem Iike my Iuck took a sIide
Then shorty came aIong and stood by my side
I couIdn’t give her much but she stayed
Now I’m hitting aII the Charts its so easy getting Iaid
Living in styIe I’m getting paid
Hooking up my peeps with the miIIions I’ve made
Now I’m having girI who I knew in first grade
Now I’m kinda feeIing Iike my shorty getting pIayed
(so I’m begging you)


Verse II

I wasn’t popuIar in schooI I wasn’t popuIar in sports
AII the girIs I Iove Ioved the guys on the court
I feeI Iike I been cheated of my youth
Cause back in the days braces weren’t so cute
GirIs used to Iaugh at my suit
Now I got modeIs in bed knocking boots


Repeat 1st Verse






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