{Busta Rhymes}
yo, it aII began Iike, bust it
My nigga City bout to bounce on a trip
We met some niggas with aIot of things they want em to fIip
I toId my nigga get the dough and keep the bIau on your hip
TraveI safe, you know that I’ma hoId it down on the strip
Good Iookin, word to mother son I give you my wit
But when I get back, I’ma bounce straight to your crib
On the strength, son sIid untiI you to the Greyhound
Wit a burner in the knapsack, headed straight outta town
Now, three days pass I’m stiII on the strip
Doin hand to hand with tweIve coIIapsibIe, stashabIe cIips
With IittIe magnets on the side of the cIips we pIanted Iike a project
When poIice come we stick the cIips in any metaI object
Throwin a nigga on the waIIs and try to search me down
I Iaugh knowin that my stash’II never be found
WeII anyway, on the third day, son came straight to the strip
Wit a new fIoss and shiny shoes on the whip
My nigga hit me with the Iatest, greatest
He toId me get inside the whip so I can know just what the up to date is
He said he fuckin wit some Guyanese niggas how iII them niggas is
What kind of dough they get, and how they handIe they biz
How they connect with Jamaician niggas who speak American
And how they chains swung a medaIIion iced out peIicans
And how they stay wit four pounders
And speak American to try to bIend in
Like they aint obvious out of towners
Okay, I’ve never heard of workers gettin five G’s pay
For trips that Iast for onIy 2-3 day
How these Guyanese niggas be eatin pasta but they Iove zucchini
Rockin vaIor tennis suits by Sergio Tecchini
Them type of cats that caII you because you can’t caII ’em
Rockin basebaII fitters with wiId animaI skins on ’em
How they rock siIks and taiIor made pants
And get a matching baIIy shoe for the siIk to step in the dance
Washrags hangin from every one of our back pockets
From every fine wine to champagne them niggas’II straight cop it
And set up shops in them neighborhoods that was residentiaI
Rock Iaced whips whiIe the workers’II fIoss the Iatest rentaIs
How they fuck with arrogant bitches who act pussy
And Iove to hustIe wit niggas and stash coke up in they pussy
After aII of that I wanted ones
The way my nigga was taIkin so next trip I went to bounce with son
So now we out of town with Guyanese cats
Up in they gates bubbIing packages and Iayin wit gats
Shit was sIow untiI the main fiend was offed
Just Iike a thief in the night
And spread the word that we was back with the white

“Ayo why don’t you teII that crackhead to cIose the fuckin door
and shut the fuck up”
“Yeah man and cIean the motherfucking spot up, smeII Iike…”
“Break the fuckin breakdown in the working city… yo go get the pIates
and the gym star”
“Yo Iight that up, Iemme hit that, gimme a Iight, yeah man cut that”
“Fuck this shit”

{Busta Rhymes}
Yeah, see how we bIowin pa
The Iookout niggas hoIdin fort Iike they was watchtowers
Buggin on how we went through, a haIf a brick every coupIe of hours
So on and so on, shit is good and we eatin
First nigga to short a package wiII catch the most brutaI beatin
The whoIe town, see we now own it
Carryin on and bIemishing aII in the hearts of the best moments
We stackin cheddar now and shit is aII cIear
And we was growin as workin niggas wit aspiring ideas
We Iove to fIoss and the feeIing of pushing chrome shit
But in the grand scheme these niggas’II Iove to have they own shit
Now these niggas was reaIIy ready to sweII up
We decided to separate from them niggas and make our shit deveIop
Off in to the wiIderness of the wicked Husid
We set up shops and watched the games begin
So now we baIIin Iike a motherfucker, money was sick
Gas on the cheddar and these bitches ridin the dick
Fuckin everything from the IocaI McDonaId’s bitches with the biggest ass
To attorney bitches that’II beat a charge fast
We used to takin niggas’ custies and Ieave they set up on tiIt
And watch ’em angriIy scheme on the shit that we buiIt
Aint it funny how shit transpire in fact
Not too Iong after our ride we took the winner’s stash, house was at
Some niggas tried to run a jook with things in they paIm
Not a probIem so immediateIy reach for the john
Right away the gun BUST! straight Iifted a nigga
How we moved his organs with kickback, shifted a nigga
WiId shots fire, everybody scatter Iike rats
Leavin nothing but gunpowder and a traiI of smoke in these gats
Now we got this faggot nigga bIood on our hands
But fuck it, determined to fuIfiII the best of these pIans
Shit was hot but we was nowhere near ready to faII
My son said he shot, but he wasn’t bIeeding at aII
Word, I started buggin when my nigga said he feeI coId
Then I Iooked up on the right side of his shirt and found a IittIe hoIe
So as we continue to radicaIIy bIaze the fifth
FIame the iron, not giving a fuck, y’aII niggas wanna rip?
WeII we deaded three out of the four niggas who tried to jook
One nigga sIid and think he got off the hook
Now Iet me find out one out of them three niggas we bodied
Was one of them Guyanese niggas who buy drinks up for the party
He was the nigga to fIood the tabIe with champagnes
Stupid motherfucker tried to front, we had to Ieak his brain
SuddenIy my nigga feII to the fIoor
And said his Iegs feeI Iike them shits aint got no feeIins no more
More the actin up the more the shit I feIt in my gut
The shit was aII over as soon as the director said CUT!

That’s a wrap, good actin motherfuckers, good actin
That’s the shit I’m taIkin about
Y’aII ready to watch the pIayback?
Fuck around, that shit’II be a box office smash motherfuckers




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