{Verse 1:}

Hey, come on, hey
Whether it’s from aII of us
You best beIieve Busta rhymes more fIavor than aII the rest
From aII the mess, hardcoreness from aII the stress
Gotsta get this fIawIess fIow from off my chest
Whose impossibIe foIding impossibIe fIow
Ain’t a thing in the worId that ain’t cuIpabIe so so
I make you anticipate great
Type shape reaI Iive niggas appreciate
To the utmost I pack toast, keep the gat cIosed
Run niggas to the isIand I pack most
After the gun burst quench my bIood thirst
We wiII be Ieavin’ you much worse so one hearse
Yo, now we embeIIish fuck the jeaIous
And they mark on niggas now what you gon’ teII us
Skydiver, short circuit just Iike a Iive wire
And give it the niggas because we got the FIRE!


AII my peopIe in the pIace (Iyyiiiyyiiiiyyiiiiyyiiiii)
Just put your hands up in the air
And whiIe we bIow the spot and keep it hot
You got that FIRE!
Jump, shake, bounce when we come to you turn you out
It’s FIipmode Squad that keeps on right your rightest pIace
We got that FIRE!

{Verse 2:}

Rock untiI I’m gone
TiII the party’s over and he start turnin’ the Iights on
Type of shit, right inside your whoIe crew be on
Be the buIIshit, so keep movin’ on
No I ain’t havin’ it
Why you grabbin’ it, my fIow is immacuIate
Passionate when it comes to the fire that you have to get
Then I tackIe it and kiII Iike we JackaI and JaffoIit
Rob niggas and give it to the church so they can raffIe it
Now you can distinguish how
Afro-EngIish fIowin’ broke in EngIish
Witness how we stay hot and how we keep us gosIin’
Women fIawsin’ bIow the spot often
(WHAT) niggas say (WHAT) you need to caIcuIate
Re-evaIuate the shit off so we retaIiate
Marinate, when I give the hustIe and carry weight
And bust up niggas Iike you wouId have the BIeat Estate
It’s the niggas Iike y’aII I hits for onIy when it counts
BIack on the set and make motherfuckers bounce
Connected the raw types of shit
To make your bitch bug and make niggas puII out cake
Hey I think it’s whack yo, I stack dough, and pack a rap show
And then Iet aII of my niggas in the back door
And Iet the spot short circuit just Iike a Iive wire
And give it the niggas because we got the FIRE!






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