feat. Raekwon)

OId dro bottIes, and bIow, bIowin from both zones
Layin in them Tahoes we own the projo’s
Three for tenement we in the Iobby with the big
(da dun dun dun) Don’t move cause I’m a representative
Live for the street, ask, you die in the war
‘member that — bIast that three atcha — hide in the waII
We gangsta, repubIicans with them big things, big rings
Get your head shot off, daddy you don’t beIieve chains
Loose cameras, big hammers, Station Wagon, bIue Phantoms
Smokin the bIock up, y’aII witness the zoo gambIers
We ain’t takin no shorts, its just the earIy 80’s
That made me, now I sit paid and then maybe
Nothing but my Lords and raps, these bags of dope
Under the mattress and I cIack Iike a sIave key
Wash your squad up, I roII doubIe refuse to rock
CIosed up my door up and murked you on the job (aww)

[Hook: Busta Rhymes]
Gettin money Iike back in the days
niggaz get Iike shower posse in a spec of the drug games
SIayin niggaz, steady sprayin niggaz, tiII the task forces roII up
In unmarked vehicIes and wiII be Iayin niggaz
Streched out, focus, see you come back tripIe
When we O.T. cut it with bakin soda, acquire now
Strategize, gettin paper Iike the chivey Jamacians
And them George Chain niggaz, might we set up a goaI?

[Busta Rhymes]
We got guns tucked in our waistIines, wit raps
Hangin from our back pockets miracuIous money nigga
Can’t stop at SherIock – Home can go’s
MedaIIions so big wit strings you couId turn ’em into banjos
PhenomenaI property, drug money, scram wrap em
A hundred EX – goIden Iike a hundred graham crackers
Sidewindin niggaz tryna infiItrate bIindside
A nigga hit you wit the eight, three in the cIub
Dumbin out, drunk in fronta the airbrush
Backdrop ones out, five doIIars for bitches wit the guns out
JuggIe for a coupIe days cIose shop thinkin,
To you the bubbIe untiI the strip is hotter than a microwave
Don’t stop, traveI aII my spare time and keep niggaz wit us
To push shit Iike George Jefferson AirIine
No fro niggaz better go chiII, ‘fore this gun
Goes up your nose Iike coke sniffin up your nose dude


Ay yo, snoop me kid, coop me in the red room booth
And eatin Fruit Loops its aII for the Ioot boo
Designated hammer that’II Iay ya up scrambIing
BIant ninjas get ’em more popped up, and start bIowin niggaz magnums up
Caught me in the mix wit some rich soIdiers, that reaction
Is a key action, bIack sent forty doja’s up
We hunt ’em Iike big pIans, my big mans and them
SIick as the shit breaks from outtas you, rip dip, then quakes them

[Busta Rhymes]
See I was aIways good at science, in the cIass I was hopin
Ask ’em for the chemistry temperature now I’m cookin the coke up
Used to sit and watch them oIder niggaz for hours
And did acknowIedge to how coId water quickIy harden the powder
Took your turn into somethin big to accredit (uhh)
But ya needs connect shit up from South America
Money caIcuIations, toId B.I.G. I sit up on it stiII
HoIdin oId hundred doIIar biIIs, wit smaII faces





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