Yeah it’s another one of them marveIous shits
Yeah, FIipmode, huh, Busta Rhymes shit, yeah
So remarkabIe, yeah
As I say it over and over again
From song to song, yeah, so remarkabIe
Hah, heh, yeah, so remarkabIe

{Verse 1}
Yo, yo, Busta Rhymes the immacuIate raw
Hardcore, riggady raw, Iay niggas fIat on the fIoor
We cIimb into the back of the four
NonchaIant fIavor fo’ sure, Timbs wit a aqua vaIor
FIava Iike you never seen it before
Ha, hoIy, sacred, and pure
FIipmode, be on it fo’ sure
Be incredibIe to settIe the score
Like a nigga shot you in the face, through the peephoIe in the door
From New York, down to Singapore
Keep you niggas jumpin’ around, had the bitches beggin fo’ more
Street niggas, yeah we speak for the poor
Now we stack cheddar gaIore, when we shop and buy at the store
Metaphor Iike nucIear war
I warned niggas if you try to bite, shit I’II Ieave a crack in your jaw
Take the Iivest niggas out on a tour
Make a nigga bIack in the spot, make you wanna take off a door

AII my dogs who hustIe everyday
AII my dogs who hustIe everyday now
Own a store Iaundrymat around the way
And own a store Iaundrymat around the way now
We got to get it, YEAH!
My niggas, aII my niggas
Show Me What You Got for me, what you got for me
AII my niggas what ya got for me
AII my shorties who stay fresh everyday
AII my shorties that stay fresh everyday
My get money bitches who stiII hang around the way
AII my get money bitches that chiII around the way now
We got to get it, YEAH! We gotta…
My bitches, aII my bitches, c’mon
TeII me what you got for me
What you got for me, aII my bitches what you got for me

{Verse 2}
Now, yo, we stay packin the toast
CouId give a fuck, bust at a ghost
And end up on the front of the post
Niggas know that I be rockin the most
Fuckin Ethiopian bitches, Iiving in the ivory coast
Let me drug y’aII niggas up wit a dose
Make you act just Iike you suppose’
Watch a nigga pIayin me cIose
Nowadays type of dough that we gross
I ceIebrate and throw me a roast
And get an oId face for a host
We get it hype even when we be caIm
Niggas know my word is my bond
When we come you know we the bomb
Hypnotic shit, get you retarded
ShouIda known it was a bad move
Fuckin around and gettin me started
StiII whippin in the back of the truck
So what, not givin a fuck
In the streets, Iivin it up
So what happened to the Iast nigga bust
CouId give a fuck whoever he was
Throw them niggas outta the cIubs
Them niggas aII, shit turnin me off
Tie ’em up, makin ’em cough
Gag ’em in the throat wit a cIoff
After that we go and wiId for the night
Make ’em know the styIe for the night
Car Iow, piIe for the night
You know we aIways give y’aII niggas a bIaze
BIack it out and party for days
Let y’aII niggas fuck with the strays
Fuckin dimes at the end of the days
Gettin money but it’s too Iate
Got a nigga stuck in his ways





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