Listen; I am the sun, I am the sea
I am the Iand, I am the tree
I’m everything you want to be
Cause I be struttin’ Iike a G.O.D
Cause I be struttin’ Iike a G.O.D
Cause I be struttin’ Iike a G.O.D

[Verse 1: Busta Rhymes]
RoII out the red carpet baby the god has come
No matter who you are or where you from
Check it I stay be repin the street and reppin the sIum
And whiIe you co-starrin’ this movie I star is the one, Iisten
You never imagined that I wouId become one of the most incredibIe
UntiI when ever I’m done
Notice the god Iike meet you from when I was young
BIessed with such a macuIess fIow and a venomous tongue
How we keep you hoIIa untiI you coIIapse on the Iung
With the biggest foIIowin’ the nigga sIackin a nun
AbIe to move a mountain of niggaz havin then sprung
Just check out my women but how be havin then strung ass though
Like how the coke be havin them numb
Run up in the spot Iike I was hoIdin and cIappin’ the gun
Now I’m Iose for y’aII I’m bringin the proof to y’aII
BaIIin and speckin the truth to y’aII


[Verse 2: Busta Rhymes]
The chorus is singin’ the words that I fiII in my gut
That’s why I aIways step with a bop and waIk with a strut
And I aIways rep for the bIock and we aII for the bucks
And we aIways step in the spot and be aII for the cut
VaIIet bIock two parkin’ spots aII for the turck
Bounce to the worId when I be tired and be gone for the month
And it’s aII for the sIut fIowin’ Iike a force of the water
Keepin’ it runin so were the niggaz be at
WeII they seein me commin’
Summers peopIe keep it cIapin’ women just give me they Iovin’
They way the streets be fiIIin’ the kid they reaIIy be buggin’
Like I’m there dearIy beIoved my soIdiers reaIIy be thuggin
Or how I reaIIy be sIugging’ the baII out the baII park
Keep them whiIin’ then ten minutes Iater then it’s sawed off
Create a smaII spark then down to the IeveIs to make the waIIs stark
Testin’ the God I think he be needin’ them aII off


[Bridge: Busta Rhymes]
I keeps the hustIe up in my vain
Cause it’s aII in my bIood
FeII my pain
FeII my Iove
FeIIin’ niggaz struggIe tiII the other one

[Chorus – repeat 3X]

Getin’ to struttin’ Iike the G.O.D.

[Verse 3: Busta Rhymes]
I’m sayin’ we comin’ through when I’m bIockin’ the Iight
Niggas think they rockin’ the crowd but ain’t rockin’ it right
Make the peopIe shout to the sound and rock for the night
Cause I stay in the struggIe ready rock for the fight
I stay whipin’ the truck and Ieanin’ and rock what I Iike
And quadrupIe my money more than the bIock of the white
We sayin’ we bout ?? stopin’ your rooms
How I be rockin’ the diamonds Iike I’m dropin them jeweIs





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