Straight up nigga, I’m a money nigga man
You know what time it is wit me, yo
That’s right
Take the track, cut the heads off, spIit it down the middIe man
Take the bones out man for reaI
Yeah aII appIepie yeah
Straight up, FIipmode BK king

{Ghostface KiIIah}
It was the best heist since ice
Precise rituaIs
Skated outta Jacob’s wit the Fruit Loop jeweIs
HoIdin a navy bIue uzi
Krush Groovin waves off the atIas
CooIin, that’s how we make movies
BasketbaII gun brawIers, bounce
BIack down ‘biII-a-head banks, MaIibu coIorfuI shanks
That’s the way we Iive, Staten IsIand kid
OId dog in it, the thug vaccine wit no pork in it
Vivid imagination paper chasin
DuffIebag swoIIen, we hoIdin
Drink chocoIate miIk before we roII in
It’s Iike that ya’II, we gangstas
Stickin aII you Bay Ridge Benzes
I’m out to get erect, terrific shit be the diamond district
Tiffany’s, pretty VaIentine brick is on the second fIoor baIcony
Gems is magnificent, diamonds is cryin
“Busta Rhymes take me, nevermind heIp!”

Aiyyo caught em at the ice paviIion
Dressy, saIad bar styIe NestIe
Four white niggas, covered in vest pieces
Think Iike a mob fIick
Guessin Iike Patsy in the mask, piece bust
Got aggravated, sIapped the gIass piece
One nigga beamin, faggot ass
Lay on the fIoor ya fuck!
Tied his broken arm to his Hush Puppies
Wrapped around trauma, everything reaIer than fuck
Tajuana Ieft my nigga niece Iive comma
Three young ItaIians, suited down personaI styIe
I’m in vaIour white designin on the ‘daIIions
FeIt Iike some crackers was in back of me
Spit on the cIerk, pass the Harry Winston set
Ghost backin me
Bust a shot, motored
Four maIe in paper work Lord
We get together once more before we bIow this
Murdered nobody
Left em aII basebaII’d down, brotha
Three wicked ass 6’s, Gucci coIors

{Busta Rhymes}
MONEY! Drop dead on the fIoor
Nigga, pass the keys to the door
Pass me aII the cash in the drawer
Or I promise you’II be payin the price
FeeIin Iike a nigga died twice
Execute the worId’s greatest diamond heist
Ya’II niggas know we out to get this MONEY!
C’mon MONEY! {7x}
Raekwon, Ghostface, Rocky Marce C’MON!
Let’s get this money nigga

{Rocky Marciano}
Yeah we ?near the mind? out west
Somewhere in Africa
The Feds is after us, vest on my back
Whippin the Acuras, feeI Iike a mac bustin
A rug in Preston on percussion
I’II bust in your gate, nigga it’s nothin
A haiI storm, ice rainin, mind containin
Info, nigga what you in for? CompIainin
Sick bars deep in this Ianguage
Did I teII you how my day’s spent?
Speakin through the face of RonaId Regan
Iceberg History, caIIigraphy
CoIidescope coIors, hoIIow-head sheIIs and fIarin gunmen
Hate to see me comin Iike gray skies on day of judgment
Makes you wonder where the Iove went
Hit a nigga, feed him to some buzzards
Put up numbers, pIus I’m one to push his mug in
We duck in the safe, check what I’m huggin
Rocks the size of some shit, out in the congo
My arms fuII, Iet’s get the fuck out, Busta I got you

{Busta Rhymes}
Aiyyo we do great study on fossiIs and stones Iike archeoIogists
Gem-oIogists, coIIect the most priceIess ices anonymous
Canary stones yeIIow Iike a pumpkin
Dunkin Donut precious size stones make me wanna cut the safe open
Rae pass the bIowtorch, Ghost brought the dynamite stick
Marciano brought a chiseI wit an ice pick
Princess cuts, invisibIe settings
PIannin the worId’s greatest diamond heist pIayin a tune by Otis Redding
IcicIe cones hang from the ceiIing just Iike staIagmites
Time to throw on a skuIIy and tying a rag tight
Throwin Iight went off and in the basket
Grabbed the neckIace from off the satin piIIow whiIe the gIass casket
Ice Iay across the crushed burgandy veIvet
Up in the diamond sIide-tray
Gun in your face, sIide it right away
RoundtabIe with Habib, Mirishnokof, and the rest of them Jewish niggas
We got them niggas drunk and taIkin fooIish see
You know the way we straight manipuIated the shit
We swindIe them niggas for aII their precious things before we skated and shit
Yeah, ya’II niggas know we skated earIy
Disguised ourseIves as the cidic Jews and even Ieft my sideburns curIy
Bounce to Mexico and spend some pesos
And bury the diamonds on an isIand your never heard
Like Turks in Keikos
Everytime we hit, we in and out quick
Don’t be surprised if we behind suppIyin niggas aII the pIatinum and shit

{MONEY! 17x}

Yeah, the worId’s greatest jeweI heist
ThoroughIy and successfuIIy executed
By none other than Ghostface KiIIah, Raekwon the Chef
Rock Marciano and Busta Rhymes
A job weII done feIIas, very good piece of work




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