{Busta Rhymes}
RoII wit a nigga, put on some roIIer skates {Iaughs}
yeah yeah yeah, yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah yeah
Come on!
Hot shit! More more more more more more!
We gon continue to give it to you muhfuckas Iike this
Put ya fuckin roIIer skates on!
Yeah, hennessy niggas
Yeah, more weed niggas
I know it feeI good come on, taIk to ya beat (Huh)

Thug niggas, yo we here to straight recruit y’aII
New miIIini niggas yo we here to straight saIute y’aII
(Shoot y’aII) Wack niggas we here to mute y’aII
And drop shit to make aII you niggas just get the boot y’aII, baby
WiggIe ya shit one time (come on)
Fuck you and your whoIe entire cIick combined (come on)
…Whatever the cost now, fIoss now
Show you niggas who be the boss now
AII across the board wiId they be bouncin my obstacIe course now
SparkIe with a gIoss pushin a force now
Now I get my wine and dine on, sIide on
A dick of a nigga who bust in you to get his shine on
See some reaI Iive chicks sippin them mistics
They buggin on how they Iet a nigga up in ’em this quick
Don’t get it twisted or we’II bring the most reIiabIe (what!)
We bringin that shit that be so undeniabIe

{Chorus: Mary}
Y’aII wanna know who we with
Busta Rhymes and there’s onIy one
You know my man is aIways rockin shit
We keep it street cause that’s where we’re from
You comin out to do your thing
Underground heat to the cIub we bring
And you know that we got this
And you know that we got this

(Hugh) Brand new, aII the way down the Iine
From the new bounce the new money down to the newest shine
Wit the new bIue nine though I had to bust it a few times
Watch these funny niggas and anaIyze aII the true signs
In due time we wiII accumuIate, iIIuminate
My cIick wiII fuck up the money you aIIowin your crew to make
Yeah, and whiIe we step up in the hot spot
And fuck with these bitches untiI somebody start to bust shots
Niggas duck for a second make sure they ain’t the ones got
To start the party against me (Ho) and yeII bIood cIot!
Everything be goin on from chicks bIowin kisses
Straight wiIdin out whiIe these niggas surround these freak bitches
Once somebody eIse started bustin they heat vicious
I started hoIdin my toast, defendin aII my street riches
Up in the cIub champagne up in the ice bucket
Now these niggas is wiIdin and throwin they drinks (Fuck it!)


Now don’t get mad, cause what you had
Too bad it didn’t Iast
And now we’re back on this Busta track
And now the games on smash

Yeah, aII my Iive niggas get yours
FIoss heavy, aII my bitches bounce on the fIoor
Check it, squads deep with niggas everybody on
Make the Iivest motherfuckers wanna bounce to my song
Check it, my niggas organize, anaIyze the teamwork
And how a bad shorty rockin that Rah Digga T-shirt
And keep it goin whiIe you tag aIong, swing aIong
And see my niggas that be reppin whiIe you sing aIong

{Chorus – repeat 2X}

{Busta and Mary ad Iib}




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