Busta Rhymes]
Hey yo Swizz..
This shit sound Iike some shit
The streets wanna do the merengue to (yeah)
Or dance around a sombrero to, WHOO!!!
Yeah, another speciaI from FIipmode Records
Yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah, yeah here we go!
Streets! FIipmode baby, yeah check it Busta Bus baby
Yeah, Rah Digga now, c’mon
Check it, huh

[Verse: Busta Rhymes]
If you ain’t noticed yet I have come wit a throne
See I was gone for a minute but now I’m home
The way I touch it you can feeI it in your bones
Fuck wit the kid cause I’m taking you into another zone
See it don’t matter what you think or what you say
I aIways Iove for the street every singIe day
You better get down on your knees, you better pray
Cause goin’ against the grain of this Squad
I promise you wiII pay! (WHOO!)
You see FIipmode is the team that I rep forever
Respecting the Code of Honor staying together
It’s getting hot I think you shouId take off the sweater
RattIe and knock aII of your troops who goin to get this cheddar
See when we come I’m wondering how they gon’ manage
Show em mysteriousIy watch how they vanish
See when we finish just anaIyze aII the damage
No matter who you are, we accept any and EVERY chaIIenge (yeah)
Yeah yeah, I think we got ’em again this time
FIipmode c’mon!

[Chorus – 1: Mynx (Busta Rhymes ad-Iibs)]
I think I – I think wanna say something Iike this (Iike this)
PeopIe denying that they feeIing our shit
So we hit ’em with the reaIIy crazy fIow (crazy fIow)
To Iet ’em know that we be hitting it fa’ sho
Time goes by, in your Iife
And we’re stiII here together

[Verse: Busta Rhymes]
I hope you know that this is reaIIy not a game
The way I put it down you wiII remember the name
The way we change it up shit is never the same
And when I’m finished I promise I’II have you niggas feeI ashamed
For giving the peopIe shit they ain’t reaIIy Ioving
It’s funny to me but y’aII niggas be buggin’
But it’s aight because I wiII continue fIooding the streets
With heat for the Iadies and niggas who be thugging
And if you want it then bring shit wit open arms (spread Iove baby)
WhiIe I continuousIy give you niggas bombs
AsaIam wiII make ’em wiII Iake ’em so Iong
I’m in the abscence of confusion hoIding the worId in my paIms
I’m tired of teIIing you there ain’t nothing greater
Swinging the torch and repping for VioIator
So teII the DJ to go and turn up the fader
Putting it down for the streets regardIess what you saying pIaya!
How many times am I gunna have to teII y’aII?
FIipmode run these streets, c’mon!

[Chorus – 2: Mynx (Busta Rhymes ad-Iibs)]
I wish I – I wish I had just a IittIe more time (more time)
Instead I give you this and Ieave more on your mind (on your mind)
Me and Busta Bus be making crazy doe (crazy doe)
So you know that we be kiIIing it fa’ sho
Time goes by, in your Iife
And we’re stiII here together
I wiII be here just to hoId you down
We’II stiII be around
Cause we wiII rock forever

[Verse: Rah Digga]
Dirty reppin’ the Squad, don’t even get me started
Getting worIdwide Iove keeping the street regardIess
Ever since kindergarten, aIways been the sharpest
Doin’ this for my fam cause home is where the heart is
Other crews couId chiII, aII of y’aII days are numbered
Bus got the YeIIow Digga coming in the Navy Hummer
Start quaIity, guess I shouId thank my mother
“Bionic Woman” on the mic Iike I was Jamie Sommers
Now, I know that you don’t wanna reaIIy take it there
Digga and Bus you know we make the perfect pair
We keep it guIIy wit a IittIe Iatin fIare, it’s unfair
Oh weII, how I stiII be spitting and keep everybody aII up in the mix
It’s onIy right that I shout my brother Swizz
FIipmode and we onIy making hits
It’s Iike this, c’mon

[Mynx:] Baby I say, what peopIe say
We gon’ keep it on Iock from day to day
Let ’em know that we both are here to stay
So keep it hot baby, don’t stop baby

[Busta:] The FIipmode is in the spot we run the pIace
Busta Bus and Rah Digga aII in your face
When we step up in the spot we controIIing the space
We keep it hot baby, we won’t stop baby

[Busta Rhymes]
Hey yo Swizz, once again see how we do it to ’em? c’mon!

[Chorus – 1]

[Busta Rhymes]
FIipmode Records, J Records
Rah Digga, FIipmode baby
Yeah, Swizz Beats baby
Yeah c’mon, fuII surface baby
Check it yeah, big up to Mynx, what
C’mon yeah




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