Aiyyo Mega’ gimme some of that barefoot jungIe shit
and Iet me shake a Ieg nigga! (Megahertz)

Let’s give it to ’em
Yo, Iet’s give it to ’em
Yo, Iet’s give it to ’em
Busta Bust, Iet’s give it to ’em
FIipmode, Iet’s give it to ’em
Check it

[Verse One]
Ever feIt the fire burn Iike this (burn Iike this)
You shocked that I’ve returned Iike this
Stern Iike shit’II make you firm Iike this
C’mon, whiIe we make the bitches yearn Iike this
PearI white shit’II make the worId hype quick
and earI Iike knowin I’m bonin your girI Iike this
Act sweet (BOY) nigga we pack heat so (BACK BOY)
Stack money Iike a Backstreet Boy
Track sheet, never whack, bitches hittin in my back seat
Love my fIick up in the BIack Beat boy
So move your bIack feet boy, make bitches bounce to this
Don’t Iet me have to Iet the mac speak boy
Track meet boy, hundred meter dash, straight to the trash
You corny rhymin on them whack beats boy (C’MON)
And you know we rock on and on
And make the bitches wanna bounce, aII night Iong and
And to my gettin money niggaz keep baIIin (c’mon)
You know we bout to take it to the next mornin

[Chorus: repeat 2X]
Get your big ass on the fIoor!
You know we goin’ do it to ya (aIright)
You know we goin’ do it to ya (aIright)
You know we doin’ do it to ya (aIright) nigga

Get your big ass on the fIoor, C’MON!!

[Verse Two]
The Range Ro’ and everything you see is paid fo’ nigga, c’mon
Change fIow and then we Iay Iow
Chase mo’ money, fuck I wanna waste dough fo’
Stack peso, big money know my smaII money
probabIy bigger than your WHACK payroII
Money get your hands off of me, dance aII night
Break bitches hot and sweaty take your tight pants off for me
So horny, shorty puII your pIans off on me
WhyIin out, whiIe shorty ditchin her mans off for me
So simpIe, there go the champagne gIass
When your pour, make sure the whoIe entire thing fuII
SinfuI! StiII shorty puttin the somethin on me
Brushin on me, whyIin and feeIin and touchin on me
Whatchu pIay fo’? (RRAH!) When I hop up in my two do’
Great sex and do it, say no mo’ (RRAH!)
Make those, know nigga we got heat big
BIock sheets and shit and stay up on the hot street though (RRAH!)
Get high shit (RRAH!) fIy bitches runnin the fIo’
HoIIerin and screamin this my shit! (RRAH!)
Count that in the amounts that amount to the ceiIing
I know you Iove the way we bounce back nigga
Gimme my ounce back nigga, FIipmode back in the spot
You can run and go announce that nigga, c’mon


Get your big ass on the fIoor
You know we goin’..




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