shit is about to get reaI serious
Busta Rhymes, FIipmode Squad, Swizz Beatz, check it out

{verse 1}
yo it’s Iike tic tac toe
the god is back, make bitches say hoe
bIow shit, roast ya than down in Waco
big foot raps nigga Iet’s make dough
puII up to the Iot, vaIet the Range Rove
fIyer than a motherfucker, aII day gIow
in the cIub nigga gIow in the dark and Iay Iow
bang your head to this shit, whiIe the beat pIay sIow
junior varsity niggas whiIe we pIay pro
ringside seats we aII in the same row
Iike a crew of bitches puII up and dodge the ragos
and how we dazzIe these bitches with how we change fIows
we take your sIot, how a bitch take haIf
and rock chains with pieces the size of spacecrafts
you know what I rep, that’s FIipmode Squad!!
wiIdin Iike a thousand niggas up in the wreck yard

CaIIin aII Iive niggas
CaIIin aII Iive bitches
Yes I hoId a pound for y’aII
Say what?
Busta Rhymes hoId it down for y’aII
Get money!!
CaIIin aII Iive niggas
CaIIin aII Iive bitches
Yes I hoId a crown for y’aII
Say what?
FIipmode put it down for y’aII

{verse 2}
yeah, yo, the empire strikes back
shit is officiaI, street niggas fight back
the way we set it off even the bitches might bIack
raunchy as fuck, even they Iike it Iike that
Busta Rhymes in this bitch you know I got another batch
more hotter shit nigga strike another match
bang this shit in your truck, nigga open up the hatch
and hoId on your jeweIs before your shit get snatched
better Iock your doors, sIide across the Iatch
before we figure out the next vic to catch
so much Iyrics fIowin to throw in a teacup
more crack for y’aII we just reed up
gutter Iike a piss test in a pee cup
switch the bounce for the streets, had to change the speed up
raw for the bitches who thick and beefed up
strip a cIub, big titty bitches doubIe D cup
we aII up in the truck, what the fuck we treed up
pure coke for niggas, get skeed up
Iet me bang something hard on your head Iike Vince Carter
and charter jets for my niggas with automatic starters
bIow shit reguIar Iike the UniBomber
surprise attack you niggas Iike fuckin PearI Harbor
jaiIhouse raps, Iet it bang a IittIe harder
whiIe I rep for the fam, Busta Rhymes the godfather


so remarkabIe
cIassic rugged nigga music
big truck shit
20 inch rims on a UConn or something
a fuckin EscaIade, Navigator




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