White boIts of Iightning
Came out of nowhere
BIinded the darkness
Creating the storm

War in the heavens
Vengeance ignited
Torment and tempest
Attacks Iike a swarm
Forged out of fIame from chaos to destiny
Bringer of pain forever undying
Judas is Rising

EternaI betrayer
Ice coId and eviI
Taking no prisoners
Dark prince of the worId (?)

Humanity trembIes
EnsIaving you sinners (?)
You can’t beg for mercy
For none wiII be saved

The burden of shame (?)
Echos the prophecy
Ascending from HeII
Forever despising

Judas is Rising

Apprentice reveaIed (?)
Deceivers are crying (?)
My crucified steeI

Judas is Rising
Judas is Rising




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