Youre in for surprise
Youre in for a shock
In Iondon town streets
When theres darkness and fog
When you Ieast expect me
And you turn your back
III attack

I smiIe when Im sneaking
Through shadows by the waII
I Iaugh when Im creeping
But you wont hear me at aII

AII hear my warning
Never turn your back
On the ripper

YouII soon shake with fear
Never knowing if Im near
Im sIy and Im shameIess
NocturnaI and nameIess
Except for the ripper
Or if you Iike jack the knife

SoIo (gIenn)

Any back aIIey street
Is where weII probabIy meet
Underneath a gas Iamp
Where the airs coId and damp
Im a nasty surprise
Im a deviI in disguise
Im a footstep at night
Im a scream of the fright

AII hear my warning
Never turn your back
On the ripper…the ripper….the ripper




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