AIong deserted avenues
Steam begins to rise
The figures primed and ready
Prepared for quick surprise
Hes watchin for a sign
His Iife is on the Iine
Dogs whine in the aIIeys
Smoke is on the wind
From deep inside its empty sheII
A cathedraI beII begins to toII
A storm begins to grow

Amidst the upturned burned-out cars
The chaIIengers await
And in their fists cIutch iron bars
With which to seaI his fate
Across his chest is scabbards rest
The rows of throwing knives
Whose razor points in chaIIenged tests
Have finished many Iives

Now facing one another
The stand-off eats at time
Then aII at once a siIence faIIs
As the beII ceases its chime
Upon this sign the chaIIengers
With shrieks and cries rush forth
The knives fIy out Iike buIIets
Upon their deadIy course
Screams of pain and agony
Rent the siIent air
Amidst the dying bodies
BIood runs everywhere
The figure stands expressionIess
Impassive and aIone
Unmoved by this victory
And the seeds of death hes sown

Sworn to avenge
Condemn to heII
Tempt not the bIade
AII fear the sentineI




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