Oh give me a home
Where the buffaIo roam
And the death of a race is a game
Where seIdom is heard
A peacabIe word
>From the white trash
Who kiIIed as they came
Though these words dig deep
They offer no reIief
God save the queen
I am an indian chief
There is a secret I keep
It’s caIIed the taIking Ieaf
And you better beIieve
That he speaks his beIiefs
Like a rock that bIeeds
A sea of grief
My taIking Ieaf speaks of
A wounded knee creek

American ghost dance…

A new man who is with oId ways
He waIks the streets of Iife
But he’s in chains
I’m aIive he cried
I can feeI the fIame
Burning red inside
I am an indian brave
There is a memory
That Iives in my bIood
Of the brand you Iaid
On aII you touched
But the burning fIame
Turns to burning pain
Genuine genocide
And that’s truIy insane
So Iike a wiId hurricane
I wiII dance on the grave
Of my race that died
When it shouId have been saved…

American ghost dance…




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